September 16, 2012


Princess riding her Bat-moped like a boss:

September 8, 2012

Happy MF birthday to everyone!

This boy is so spectacular!
Not a boy, but a wealthy bachelor!
I want a car! I want a car, yeah!
I want a  car! I want a car, yeah!

Drawn by memory (so you know now how I see him in my head).
I'm still trying to catch up with so many nice advices I pick at the REFUEL Station,
(mostly working on one layer and not using the outline).


September 6, 2012

BBC Sherlock fanart (fanbook 2012). No tumbr please.

Illus I've made for a fanbook, which was quite a disappointment.
On the bright side, I have a pleasure to work with my dA-friend Cappi once again (:
It was her who taught me making comics turn-by-turn, when partners improvise the panels without discussing the plot of the story, surprising and leading each other with every new twist:

This one we've started as a wam-up exercise but later it turned out into a full-fledged comic story (we re-arranged originally 4-paged comic into 8 pages)

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