December 7, 2014

Fullbody couple commissions (Teen wolf crossover)

So sorry for the lack of updates, been working on a bunch of commissions lately (of which I'll make a master post later) For now plz enjoy these wet and hairy guys in action:
naked derek hale from mtv teen wolf portrayed by tyler hoechlin fucking original character Dornier from behind adult drawing slash anal commission work drawn porn
worked real hard on this one mostly to drag the attantion from Hoechlin's teeth uhuhu :B
the title says "commissionS" 'cos this post will be updated later this month ;)

November 16, 2014

TF2 RED nude pinups

team fortress 2 naked red medic pinup wunderwaffe archimedes dove rubber gloves plastered nipples leather boots young frankenstein swanzstucker medicine fanartteam fortress 2 bonk! red scout naked butt male pinup jocks bat twink based on joseph gordon levitt
Drawn for dA friends' birthdays Do you want me to draw the rest?

November 6, 2014

Some faces (sketches and WIPs)

Got a little anxious without posting anything + really wanted to share some of these faces  b/c they look so different after inking and colouring:
And an unused knee-up sktch and a papa's dick to decorate this post. They are all from TV shows, can you tell which? :)

October 24, 2014

Cieren commission (WoW OC)

fantasy man draenei wow nsfw uncut dickhuge draenei uncut cock oozing precum nsfw porn leather harness on man fantasy gay man male demon floral frames art nouveau pinup
This is Cieren, delicious draenei OC designed by Rajahdamaru.
Do you like him? Surprize surprize! He's role-playable at the! Just be nice and follow the rules ;)

October 14, 2014

Boys art-trades

Art trades, I do them sometimes! This time I was lucky to trade with devART's kitsch-o-nator and tontoh :
orville ume gay ero arttwo naked gay guys pornguiseppe loser vampire somewhat similar to hinabn conrad
Felt like sharing the process:
sketch rough process of drawingcleaning the sketch gimplineart drawing

little bara Will goes here too because I sketched him randomly over the leggins guy's (Ume) shoulder:
will graham alternative bara universe sketch hannibal nbcbara will graham hannibal nbc

October 3, 2014

Solo male commissions - 3

Coupla old ones and the most fresh one, plz enjoy! c:
male pinup half naked wrestler character based on look of model andrew stetsonmale dressed pinupmarvel agent phil coulson captured male pinup pinup tied up kinbaku-bi

September 11, 2014

Kichaa fanart - 3

Oct 7th edit: ow wow look what I've missed this morning - notmusa's commissions
ian bloom donovan spats the cat and plant the original characters of kichaa notmusa wallpaper sierra intertainment 88 pinball 1976 murakami
I drew a sad 16:10 wallpaper to make myself feel less miserable while I'm waiting for the next tour :(

Pig farm AU + an awkward comic about nothing:
notmusa's characters fanart donovan at pig farm with glorious tattoosnotmusa's Ian Bloom Donovan fanart pig farm AU not cute piglet farm boys hayloftnotmusa fanart ian donovan slash or notkichaa fanart ian donovan slash or not
Unrecognizable as they are the characters still belong to kichaa / notmusa

September 8, 2014

Solo male commissions - 2

Some old commissions with boys
male gay erotic pinup cyborg robot sci-fi thick dick robotic armfemboy trap pinup bottomless no pants boy sans coulottesman white briefs pinup sporty
tw porn art teen wolf mtv derek hale naked jerking off adult fanart
Commission status: open!

September 6, 2014

Nowhere Men comic fanart - guest post

Most favourite NWM characters from me lil cousine :)
simon grimshaw nowheremen nowhere men comic
nowheremen nowhere men comic fanart daniel pierce dan abnormal pale guynowheremen nowhere men comic fanart daniel pierce

daniel pierce fanart nowheremen nowhere men comicnwm nowheremen nowhere men comic fanart nicholas hewett ghost guy fan art

And for these, I have no explanation. Except maybe that I unlearnt to draw all of a sudden ;)
aerobic 80s style men olympic 1988beautiful warrior sailor moon

September 5, 2014

She-Hulks sexy time (futanari warning)

futa shehulk futanati jennifer walters red she hulk shemale betty ross muscle girls porn marvel dickgirl futa lite
shemale muscle girl big dicks lesbian futa porn marvel futanari street fighter chung lee futa lite red shehulk shemale she hulk jennifer betty chun li double penetration futa cum on face three-way shemale sex
A couple of most recent commissions with muscle futa girls;
to see more plz click the #futa tag ♥
Commission status: open!

August 19, 2014

More Nowhere Men comic fanart

Oli once compared Daniel to an Apollo statue and I used the idea,
yet it came out so vague I had to add two explanation strips: 
apollo xiii spacecraft blueprints nwm nowheremen nowhere men dan abnormal statuenowhere men fanartnwm nowheremen nowhere men comic fanart team pepi
more explanations: 3,141592653~, academy of Athens, gimp, sugarcubes, OMAM, spiders everywhere!
other NWM posts - by fellow artists + by me

nowheremen nwm nowhere men comic fanart nicholas hewett hysterical ghost boy communications copics male pinup copic fake imitation

August 15, 2014

Sketch commissions (futanari warning) - 2

finally done with all the July sketch commishes :)
thank you all, these were a great exercise in drawing portraits
фута футанари футочка блондинка oppai married with children kelly bundy christina applegate naked fanart tights tits bleached blond adult drawing futanari dickgirl trapxena lucy lawless adult fanart half naked futanari фута футанари зена фута футанари эльвира повелительница тьмы elvira cassandra peterson porn fanart futanari dickgirl cum on tits licking jizz leatherфуточка принцесса лея фута футанари princess leia futanari fanart new hope carry fisher half naked trap звездный путь фута футанари councellor deanna troi star trek futanari fanart uniform short dress marina sirtis as deannaфута футанари звездный путь jeri ryan as seven of nine star trek voyager futanari silver swimsuit dick out large tits blond dickgirlфута футанари орк wow world of warcraft futanari orc dickgirl orinigal character perspective fat dick oozing cumwow fanart OC world of warcraft bubble butt draenai femboi фембой трап
фута футанари рыжая футочка oppai futa futanari vapire girl tribal tattoos redhead big tits huge dick семенович lookalike trap girl curvy pinup nakedфута футанари рыжая футочка aedia original character redhead vampire on a silver leash back fat ass fat dick tribal tattoos 
More futa sketches on this blog: PART ONE and FUTA COUPLES
am I a respectable futa artist now c:
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