February 27, 2014

Hannibal - Sketched Trust by xisney

«...Hannibal wanted to cup Will’s hands in his own. He wanted to nuzzled into his sweaty hair and caress his lips with his thumb. He wanted to sink his teeth into Will’s lower lip before sucking on it as they parted. He wanted to feel Will’s chest rise and fall against his own. He wanted to hear the way Will’s heart beat faster when he was around – either out of fear or arousal...» (from Sketched Trust by xisney) 

February 19, 2014

Girls pinups - commission

I don't even know if chicks are appropriate on this blog anymore 
so you better let me know if you want to see this filthy things here or not :)
Jade the demon girl OC pinup $10 commission wow blood elf nsfw naked girl big titsFrozen topless Elsa nsfw fanart lingerieDisney's Frozen sexy Anna fancy lingerie nsfw pinup
I feel like I'm trolling my followers whenever I upload a chick drawing, so instead of doing new posts I will update this one.

February 14, 2014

February 9, 2014

Chicken Dude #2

broiler chicken with silly mariner tattoos
This is my idea of an OC! Do you like him? He even has a story!
Chicken Dude tames a sharkPunk Salt and skinhead Chicken Dude

February 6, 2014

Commission - Kinbaku-bi (Will x Hannibal)

Will x Hannibal slash fanart kinbaku shibari
Another commission for ♥DearLadyJekyll, who gave me this amazing idea of Graham escaping from the detention and kidnapping Hannibal ...only to let his frustration out! Not that Lecter would mind that at all ;)
Will fucking captured Hannibal slash commission

February 2, 2014

Commission - Hannibal x Will on the therapy couch

will riding hannibal on the therapy couch nsfw hannibal slash fanart
Bottom Will kindly commissioned by DearLadyJekyll
And yes, I do take couple commissions for additional price, and yes, I'm still open (email's on the left).

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