May 28, 2014

Breaking Bad slash commissions

8 weeks gap between these two drawings. I don't think I'm getting better, do you? :/
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May 23, 2014

Hannibal - more slash fanart commissions

Some porn Hannibal NBC commissions I did last week :) Thank you guys for the wonderful ideas!
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Does it count for yiff?
I'm still open for commissions, but don't be shy to throw any good ideas at me - I may use them ♥

May 19, 2014

Ladies commissions (futanari warning)

UPDATE: now tagged with "Hannibal" ;)
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More futa girls (solo) in this post - futa sketch commissions
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May 13, 2014

Hannibal commissions - Exotic Antlers Designs

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Two bewildering naughty concepts by Snowtigermar ♥ 
These ideas are wonderful, I truly enjoyed working on them! I wish there were more original fanart like these, even if the only one who can do that me - so please don't be shy to share your thoughts ;)

May 6, 2014

Commissions - Orcs and greenskins couples (WoW OCs)

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Boys belong to Danlion, girls are Rajahdamaru's and Orloc's creations ♥
Commissions are open, click on the banner for the details.

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