June 30, 2014

Kichaa fanart + some OCs

kichaa / notmusa
Been following for a couple of years but only now find courage to mess around with some fanart 
(thank you juti, you make me do things)
hoagy carmichael lucy bacall ian bloom donovan crossover kichaa fanartian bloom donovan belongs to kichaadonovan kichaa's characterian bloom donovan fanart characters belong to kichaa young hoagy carmichael idek
 and the only thing justifying this post: dicks
ian bloom donovan rule 34 by kichaapianist ian bloom his friend donovan fanart on kichaa friendly jerk off

omg now that I see them next to each other I regret everything xD More fanart here

Now meet Lamboy:
silly cartoon charactergarikaliev oc gay lamb boygarikaliev anthro oc lamboy is chicken dude a skinhead after all lamboylamboylamboy
Sorry for all the silliness, but not it's off my mind and I can finally continue with commishes, sorry  sorry for making you wait guys ♥ ♥ ♥

June 19, 2014

June 5, 2014

MYSTERY RIVER - a Hannibal porn comic

A comedy turned PWP Hannibal / Red Dragon crossover comic started by Ringreen, finished by me* 
(*Pages 1 – 6 by Ringreen & Garik Aliev, pages 7 – 13, cover by Garik Aliev)
hannibal hannigraham por slash comic
Do like it? Are you interested in a sequel? Let me know with a comment.

You might also like this Graham x Lecter comic (still in progress)

June 3, 2014

Hannibal - Will Graham in charge (commissions)

Updated with charged Will:

I've been drawing dark!Will before season #2 was invented.
irises flowers texture decor floral ornament special FBI agent Will Graham portrayed by Hugh Dancy hannibal nbc slash gay porn fanart comic style nsfw oral massive dickwill graham portrait by hugh dancy naked covered in blood antlers hannibal nbc nsfw gay porn fanart pinup
I know he doesn't even look like Dancy but who cares, he's naked ♥

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