October 24, 2014

Cieren commission (WoW OC)

fantasy man draenei wow nsfw uncut dickhuge draenei uncut cock oozing precum nsfw porn leather harness on man fantasy gay man male demon floral frames art nouveau pinup
This is Cieren, delicious draenei OC designed by Rajahdamaru.
Do you like him? Surprize surprize! He's role-playable at the f-list.net! Just be nice and follow the rules ;)

October 14, 2014

Boys art-trades

Art trades, I do them sometimes! This time I was lucky to trade with devART's kitsch-o-nator and tontoh :
orville ume gay ero arttwo naked gay guys pornguiseppe loser vampire somewhat similar to hinabn conrad
Felt like sharing the process:
sketch rough process of drawingcleaning the sketch gimplineart drawing

little bara Will goes here too because I sketched him randomly over the leggins guy's (Ume) shoulder:
will graham alternative bara universe sketch hannibal nbcbara will graham hannibal nbc

October 3, 2014

Solo male commissions - 3

Coupla old ones and the most fresh one, plz enjoy! c:
male pinup half naked wrestler character based on look of model andrew stetsonmale dressed pinupmarvel agent phil coulson captured male pinup pinup tied up kinbaku-bi

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