December 26, 2015

JOJO aesthetics

jojo jjba 東方 仗助 josuke hagashikata ワンパンマン opm onepunch-man wanpanman 金属バット Kinzoku Batto metal bat
UPD: download the full view on patreon for free! ♥
jojo jjba josuke higashikata opm one punch man kinzoku bat

December 25, 2015

Patreon stuff - 3

saitama genos speed of sound sonic one punch man fanart adult pinup
jojo jjba bruno buccellati fanartjojo jjba bruno buccellati thick dick fanart
Woah woah look who's back at updating! Me!
private school girl школьные хроники анжелыKitano Ken Sun-Ken Rock fanart
Check out me patreon! Support at your own risk! )8
beast good luck yo seob hyun seung slashbeast good luck yo seob hyun seung slash

November 3, 2015

October 17, 2015

Patreon stuff - 2

Sorry for neglecting the blog for so long, I practically have no time to even advertise. Plz feel free to check my patreon, some works are free to download. I plan to open commissions officially soon, hopefully before this year ends :)

Oh, and a big clean-up? Never happened, no time for it, so al the posts are untouched and available again. Sorry for the false alarm!

June 21, 2015

Patreon: Olivia Godfrey fanart

Haw haw PSDs are now available for patrons on
olivia godfrey fanart by garikaliev pinup hemlock grove netlix roman's mother played by famke janssen vampire femme fatal
The question is, are they even useful for anyone? xD

May 23, 2015

Patreon stuff - 1

Gathered enough to make a post!
Here's the link - - all the PNGs are free to download for now :)
mlp genderbent pinup fluttershy male mlp genderbent pinup fluttershy male nude
will graham hannibal lecter nbc nehomimi yellow vespa kitty ears
daredevil pinup previewnetflix daredevil 2015 james wesley adjusting tie tick tock neat
bruise boyleon mathilda loli sketch

April 27, 2015

Kareva the troll lady (futanari waning)

wow hung troll futanari tattooed back huge dickwow characters futa troll girl orc lady milf athletic ass
huge dick futanari troll complex tribal tattoos rredhead
Kareva belongs to Rajahdamaru, and Nejura, the orcess, to Nejura :) Make sure to click on the names to see more art on their f-lists ♥

March 16, 2015

Marvel boys commissions

Some naked boys on this blog at last, thank you ♥
nsfw Davis cameron slipstream surfboard fanart nude x-men sexy naked blond boy big dick sweet twink cutie слипстрим марвел фанарт
nsfw punisher fanart Frank Castle Frank Castiglione nude hairy hung daddy huge dick bara muscle man 1911 smoking shells bodyhair каратель марвел фанарт 18+
Warren Worthington III nsfw drawing angel x-men nude hot blonde fit man armpit hair fat dick precum drop white feathers люди икс марвел ангел фанарт 18+
Used Slipstream for "yellow" on my rainbow Patreon banner :') 

March 7, 2015

Curlette workout (futanari warning)

Yet another from the november `14 sketch sale ♥
Next post gotta be about boys, I swear it! xD
фута орк wow футанари world or warcraft oc orc shemale dickgirl curvy curly muscle girl workout cumshot cum on tits oppai commison art

February 12, 2015

Shemale couples (futanari warning)

A couple of old commission pieces – Ell x Luna and Chun Li mirror match :)
Ell is Superguest's OC which everybody knows because there are tons of pics over HF
ell futa vampress superguest oc luna blood elf fillup футанари фута cumshot big breasts
фута футанари street fighter futanari dickgirl chun li shemal chun lee mirror match muscle girl

January 20, 2015

Futanari girls - anal toys (sketch commissions)

Another set from #novembersketchsale event :)
Thank you all who participated, I'll be definitely doing more sales this year ♥
Mad Moxxi futanari shemale dickgirl фута футанари trap anal bbc big black dildo fat dick plumpy ass
гарри поттер фута футанари беллатрикс bellatrix le strange futanari harry potter erotic fanart corset porn magic huge tits fat cock
More dickgirls shoving things up their peachy asses under the cut >

January 19, 2015

Sarah Grimlock commissions (futanari warning)

This is Sarah Grimlock appreciation post ♥
Nine pieces drawn as the part of the #novembersketchsale. 
If you don't know the character, here's her F-list and HF gallery.фута футанари futa blond futanari sarah grimlock panties play shemale dickgirl see-through panties Expect futanari, hairy balls, food fucking and animals involved under the cut :D

January 4, 2015

Cieren - male draenei OC (sketch commission)

Happy New Year! :) I didn't have time to draw anything seasonal for the blog,
so I share this commission from the famous #novembersketchsale event:
muscular male draenei oc naked wow adult fanart gay character hunk on hooves showing off his huge dick and tight purple hole
You may remember him from the previous post,
and he still belongs to Rajahdamaru and is available for a decent play at!
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