January 31, 2016

Blono Buciaratti: wips + sketches

Another failure at trying to use Kuler's limited palette:
jojo buccellati vento aureo jojo's bizarre adventurebruno buccellati jjba
Another failure at trying to make a gif:
I accidentally overwrote the file with clean sketches for these after cropping haha:
I really want to return to more complex pwp comics but this is all i'm good for at the moment :/bruno buciaratti guido mista brusta comic wip

January 28, 2016

OPM gif comic

of course I've had better things to do than this petty giffing, but...
opm fanart gif metal bat
garou chu
"I don't wanna be just anybody's man, ooh ohh chu chu"

January 24, 2016

Ask me a doodle - 03

Lots of work this week so only had time for this little "asks".
Both are off topic b/c asks weren't about doodles:
Zen's cool but too boring to draw alone sooooo:

January 17, 2016

Ask me a doodle - 02

This week asks: 
double penetration, tied Saitama being fucked senseless, Takumi getting a dong, hottest Disney prince:
one-punch man gay fanart nsfw fisting with a baseball bat metal bat garou batarou opmbaddo-chan opm wanpanman yaoi bara
saitama genos gentama opm anal baraopm nsfw art anal manly ahegao
etreme oral shota yaoi fira emblem takumilong uncut divine cock
Other drars:
 persona 4 yaoi fanart yu x yosuke oralziggy stardust tribute
kinzoku bat baddo opm metal bat zenkometal bat onepunch man

January 15, 2016

Zenko / Garou [OPM]

Oh look so young and already has a gay vampire best friend :/
opm fanart zenrou
 loli's butt under the cut:

January 11, 2016

Ask me a doodle - 01

This week asks also an excuse to show yall how my promising sketches n adorable lines 
turn into mess in the final drawings:
wanpanman garou fanartgarou opm garou wanpanman fanart adult bukkake cumshot nonhuman cocksmale titjob one punch man opm saitama naked nsfw fanart gay bukkake gangbang zombieman genos
x-men nightcrawler adult gay fanartgore bdsm nightcrawler extreme anal
And ladies under the cut:

January 8, 2016


I don't even like Saitama or Genos but then these two appearred and I can't help but read OPM like a JJBA / Sakana crossover :')
metal bat kinzoku batto badd garou opm fanart yaoi gay extreme anal toy baseball bat porn
metal bat kinzoku batto badd garou opm fanart yaoi gay extreme anal toy baseball bat porn
 jojo fanart manly nipples crazy hair makeup on man ladybugs
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fanart taro sakana metal bat badd wanpanman yuudai tanaka garou 
kinzoku bat x garou yaoi slash comic doujinshi gay large insertation

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