February 28, 2016

Garou [OPM]

 This week drawings made a Garou / Batarou appreciation post:
one punch man human monster garou
batarou metal bat x garou romance bl
Following mostly drawn for and by request of Just-harmonica:
batarougarou in glasses wanpanman
garou in drag opm

February 26, 2016

February 21, 2016

Ask me a doodle - 5 [futanari + ladies]

This week asks turned out to be men-free:
random girl from Kill la Kill being discovered to own a dong, that scene with Mariah from Stardust Crusaders, Spider Gwen hiding her massive in the superhero suit:
kill la kill nonon jakuzure nudist beach nudekill la kill nonon jakuzure nsfw nudist beach comic strip
 mariah hermit purple jojo jjba stardusr crusaders old man joseph stand tentacle hentai nsfwspidergwen futanari one page comic
And some OC asks featuring Clara the cumdump:
bbw bimbo bbcs nsfwbbw bimbo bondage peeing blond girl slave goblinpg bimbo slave bondage red goblin

February 14, 2016

Ask me a doodle - 4 [Zenrou - OPM]

Only had time for 1 ask this week, but drawn enough for a stand alone post :) Thank Anon!
Sensetive stuff under the cut: Garou x Zenko (at different ages)

February 8, 2016

Some of fave jojo guys

Not much to share this week uf 
Johnny / Gyro as a part of the art-trade with Jostell:
gyro zeppeli johnny joestar sbr jojo part 7 steel ball run
Blono / Guido comic:
buccellati lick test
Zipper mom takes advantage of Josuke's nursing mother top [originally on patreon]:
jojolion higashikata joushuu jojo fanart

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