July 31, 2016

Transmen commissions [JJBA]

In today's menue: male pussy 😸🌼
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and a couple from a while ago:
heaven ascended dio eyes of heaven jjba porn art trans jjba occute trans pussy jojo's bizarre adevnture DIO

July 17, 2016

Young Joseph x Josuke commission

These many versions deserve a stand-alone post :)
jojocest fatherson gay anal bara jojo jjba josejosujoseph x josuke battle tendency diamond is unbreakable
men in lingerie wedding stockings gay comics
commish info ⭐️ patron ⭐️ there's also a donate button on the top left :')

July 16, 2016

Ask me a doodle - BruGio POLL!

What would you like to see happen next?
2 weeks to vote ⭐️ multiple answers ⭐️ suggest your own answer ⭐️ vote once a day
Go for it, Blono! ❤️

Slap Gio! 👋
Gag Gio! 🍌
Spank Gio! 👏
Whip Gio! 🐍
Sound Gio! ⛳️
Please Specify:
Do Riddles

July 7, 2016

Vera [RustFiends fanart]

1st attempt to draw sexbot Vera from RustFiends graphic novel! 🌺💦💦
Look for the original RF on: ⭐️ patron ⭐️ gumroad ⭐️ facebook ⭐️ instragram⭐️
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